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Hey there!, I am Vishal nandanwar , I am 24 years old from bhandara district (Maharashtra) and I have
My hobby is to watch a every latest movies . I have a genuine love for movies and enjoy watching and completed my BA analyzing them I have watched every new bollywood movies like bahubali2 ,3idiots,krrish3,pushpa,i am crazy for movies, watching a movies can be pleasurable and enriching experience that provides entertainment, emotional connection,knowledge,and inspiration. It’s a versatile medium that offers a range of benefits, making it a popular form of entertainment worldwide. that’s why I chose to write a blog on movie reviews and I created a website to write a blog about movie reviews bigcinephile means a person with a passionate interest in cinema that’s why I use this word for my website
By writing a movie reviews on my blog, I can attract like-minded individuals who share my interest in film. It creates an apportunity to engage with a community of readers and fellow movie lovers, fostering discussion,recommendation and the exchange of ideas.blogging can help me connect with industry professionals, film critics and other blogger in the movie niche.sharing my work and engaging with others through my blogs can open doors for collaboration,guest blogging.
I think that there is a lots of advantage in writing a blog on movie reviews, the first advantage is that if I create a movie reviews blog then I will get to see a lot of traffic on this type of blog.because todays date everyone wants to watch a movies then they keep searching which movie is going to come today. In the date of millions of people keep searching about movie reviews on the internet if I will create a movie reviews blog then I will get to see a lot of traffic than I would have ever imagined then this is the first advantage of making a movie reviews blog